Acupuncture is an ancient holistic health care system from China. It functions differently to allopathic, symptom-based medicine as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture aims to eliminate the root cause of the body’s problem. These problems originate in a dysfunction in your body’s energetic meridian system.

Meridian-based energy therapies like Acupuncture are very efficient at treating a number of health problems and reducing pain.

Like Osteopathy, TCM views the body as one complex system where everything within it is inter-connected and where a lack of balance within our biological system is the precursor to illness. The body exhibits symptoms when suffering from inner disease, and if it’s not re-balanced these symptoms may lead to acute or chronic illnesses of all kinds.

There are 14 major energy channels called meridians that flow through our body. An energy called Qi (Chi) circulates along the meridians to all parts of your body, including the internal organs and every cell. This Qi is the vital force that literally keeps us alive. Vibrant health is a result of balanced, unimpeded flow of energy through the body.

According to TCM, illness and pain is the byproduct of energy blockages somewhere along one or more meridians. Each Acupuncture point along the meridian acts like a pass-through or gate. Energy can get “bottle-necked” in these points, slowing down the flow; sometimes to the point of standstill. This is the precursor to pain and illness.

By inserting a thin needle into the congested or “clogged” area, it opens the gate and allows the energy to flow again. With the life-energy flowing smoothly, the body can now re-regulate the flow of energy, repair itself, and maintain its own optimal level of health.

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Vivian is a seasoned acupuncturist who has been practicing her craft in New Zealand for 7 years. She has been based in Dunedin, where she run her own business. Vivian earned her Bachelor’s degree in Medicine, specializing in Chinese Medicine, after undergoing 5 years of rigorous training at Hubei University of Chinese Medicine- China. Currently, …

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