I first decided to do a course in massage after spending time with a family member who was terribly ill, through massaging her hands and feet while she was in the hospital, I was able to witness a positive change.   The measurable change was the slowing of her heart rate, the increase in oxygen but most importantly the peace and comfort it brought her.

I pursued my studies at the NZ College of Massage completing my Diploma in Health Science – Therapeutic massage (Level 6)  in  2015.  It was here I really found my passion in the study of the human body and all it can do – achieve, adapt and maintain.  Its many strengths and weaknesses, and how as busy people we neglect it.  We put ourselves and our well-being at the bottom of our priority list.

I believe through massage we can help reset the body at a cellular level to not only address muscular issues but also help identify a process of self-care and a greater awareness of being kind to ourselves and reconnecting to that.  I work with a holistic approach and listen to my clients about they need and what has brought them to see me along with their desired outcome.

2017  Accredited mBit Coach

2020  Accredited Kinesio Taping Association International

2015 – 2021 Registered RMT Massage New Zealand