Vivian is a seasoned acupuncturist who has been practicing her craft in New Zealand for 7 years. She has been based in Dunedin, where she run her own business. Vivian earned her Bachelor’s degree in Medicine, specializing in Chinese Medicine, after undergoing 5 years of rigorous training at Hubei University of Chinese Medicine- China.

Currently, Vivian is pursuing her postgraduate studies in Pain and Pain Medicine at Otago University, working with the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Medicine. She is deeply passionate about her work and firmly believes that therapy is not just about treating ailments, but also about building trust with patients and working together to develop personalized solutions for each individual.

Vivian is an excellent communicator, which has enabled her to establish strong relationships with her patients. She believes that effective communication is the key to understanding each patient’s unique needs and developing a treatment plan that works best for them. With her extensive experience and knowledge, Vivian is committed to providing the highest quality care to her patients and helping them achieve optimal health and wellness.