Originally born and grew up in China, zen started her medical study since 2004 in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. After 7 seven years of training in both Chinese medicine and Western medicine, she gained Bachelor and Master degree of Chinese medicine. With the interdisciplinary educational background, her work experience has involved in Chinese medicine and western medicine hospitals in China, spa company on cruise ship in U.S.A, and local clinics in New Zealand as acupuncturist, TCM doctor, physician and respiratory therapist.

Deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy and culture, her insight of human health is not just limited to treating dis-eases, but to preserve holistic wellbeing in harmony with natural environment. With a curious instinct and spirit of exploration, she is currently diving into all aspects of Chinese medicine for the best of healing, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition therapy, astrology, hand reading, fengshui, qigong, etc.