A Manual medicine based on prevention and finding the cause of your problem.

Osteopathy is a manual medicine with a holistic approach. It looks at the whole body’s structure and functions.

Its originator Dr Andrew Taylor Still was both an Medical Doctor and an engineer. It made him think about the body in a different way. It gathers manual approach that have been around centuries and push them in the medical and scientific field where things started to be experimented on, studied and results recorded.

The main purpose of Osteopathy is to restore mobility where people have lost some of it.

Whether because of an injury, repetitive strain, sedentary lifestyle, disease or emotional stress or trauma, everyone affect their body in certain ways everyday.

Osteopathy is working with soft tissues (Muscles and their tendons, Ligaments, joints, Fasciae) and articulations (mobilisations, articulative, and manipulative techniques) but also with your organs and cranium if needed.

Our Osteopaths’ work is gentle, intuitive and tailored to your needs. From 0 to 100+ years old.

Pregnancy/ Post Partum/ Babies/ Sport Injuries/ Maintenance & Prevention