Covid 19- update 25th October 2021

We are now able to care again for most conditions under our new Allied Health guidelines. We are nonetheless following strict procedures to avoid the spread of the virus.

For more information and bookings, please call reception on 09 2982279 (Papakura) or 09 6220303 (Mangere Bridge)

Meet The Team

David Guilleminot, Principal Osteopath and Director- Papakura and Mangere Bridge

David Guilleminot is a French Born Osteopath who has been working in the Auckland Area since 2000. (Papakura, Piha, Titirangi, Henderson, Albany, North Shore, East Coast Bays) David graduated from Ecole Superieure d’Osteopathie (Paris) in 1999 and soon arrived to New Zealand after having presented his thesis (about ankle and posture). His first job was …

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Attila Kruchio, Osteopath in Papakura

Originally from Hungary, Attila gained his Osteopathic skill set from Unitec, Auckland after completing a Master of Osteopathy and Bachelor of Applied Science (Human biology) degree. During his studies he excelled and was awarded an all-round achievement by Osteopaths NZ. Attila believes that with good hands-on osteopathic techniques combined with an in-depth knowledge of anatomy …

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Lily Wong, Receptionist

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Donna Thompson, Receptionist

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Hadiyyeh Zohoori-Dossa, Holistic Counsellor/ Nutritionist

Hadiyyeh began practising as a nutritionist after graduating with a Masters in Nutrition in 2003.  She soon realised that many clients also shared their social, inter-personal and other stress-related problems and would benefit from professional mental health counselling.  Hence she pursued her Masters in Counselling and since graduating in 2009, has been utilising a holistic approach. The …

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Grace Ioka, Osteopath in Papakura

Grace gained her Osteopathic qualification from the Unitec Institute of Technology after completing the Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology and Master of Osteopathy focusing on health literacy interventions in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. She is of Samoan descent and grew up there prior to moving to New Zealand to pursue a career …

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Marcelo Siqueira Silva, Osteopath in Papakura and Mangere Bridge

Marcelo Siqueira , Brazilian /British citizen has gained his Masters degree in Osteopathic and Naturopath Medicine at the British college of Osteopathic and Naturopath Medicine (BCOM) London-UK. After a qualification in sports science degree in Brazil he has been working as personal trainer as well as swimming teacher and capoeira Master for over 10 years …

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Zen Deng- Acupuncturist in Papakura and Mangere Bridge

Originally born and grew up in China, zen started her medical study since 2004 in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. After 7 seven years of training in both Chinese medicine and Western medicine, she gained Bachelor and Master degree of Chinese medicine. With the interdisciplinary educational background, her work experience has involved in Chinese medicine …

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“To find Health should be the object of the physician. Anyone can find disease.”

― A.T. Still