Zita graduated from the British College of Osteopathic medicine in 2007 and has been inspired ever since by the patients she meets every day. She enjoys trying to aid the body’s recovery in a holistic way guiding the patient to better health with structural osteopathic techniques.

Her original training as a gymnast in the early 90’s has given her a good grounding in body movement, posture and the stresses that come with training and exercise.She became British champion in 1994 and went on to compete in 4 world championships and 3 European championships for Great Britain.She won a commonwealth team gold medal, an all around bronze and a silver on the beam in the 1994 Victoria games. She subsequently used those gymnastic skills again to join Cirque du Soleil where she was part of the show, Alegria. Zita has spent a reasonable amount of time in the treatment room as a patient and understands the needs of patients with a wide range of injuries.

When not practicing osteopathy, Zita volunteers for BirdCare Aotearoa, dances Cuban salsa and plays the shaker for AKSamba, a samba band based here in Auckland.