Hi! I’m Nesa. I come from Iran and have been in NZ for 13 years. I was previously a dentist for 8 years and along with my new life here came a change of career. While working as a dentist, I always had patients complaining of a toothache, but i couldn’t find any relative tooth issue. I  was often wondering if those pains could originate from other areas. This encouraged me to do more research on Osteopathy as it believes that the body functions as a holistic unit. My first intention in studying Osteopathy was to focus on TMJ pain and toothache, but now I believe in the whole philosophy that “the body functions as a holistic unit”.  I am now passionate about helping patients with all different issues and provide different treatment plans dependent on patients’ conditions.
I live with my beautiful son, who is a young man now, and I have an adorable, naughty German shepherd. In my spare time, i walk with my dog. Also, as I am keen on learning new things, I started learning swimming which has been my dream in my whole life!
Looking forward to meeting you soon