Osteopathy has somewhat gained a reputation of an instant relief treatment form. In most of the cases, you will feel benefits straight away. How Come? On top of taking care of tight achy muscles and help drain the lactic acid they contain or inhibit the inflammation, there is a natural release of endorphins from the body as a response to an osteopathic manipulation. ¬†Endorphins are natural painkillers present in our body, and their release is one of the things that happen along with that ‘click’ that you hear in a manipulation. Bonus! The aim of a manipulation is not really about a quick relief, we are after the long term effects of restoring mobility of the spine, which in turn will affect the nerves and arteries of that segment, and make slight postural changes to your body, bringing a more durable effect.

For people who fear or don’t want manipulations, please tell your osteopath! there are other ways to treat, and some people feel the same instant relief from a cranio-sacral or visceral treatment.