Our holistic approach will study your posture, movements, and places of restrictions on your body.
The techniques we use are gentle and encompass soft tissue work (massages, inhibitions, trigger points, myofascial unwindings), structural osteopathy (articulations, manipulations, stretchings), and from some members of our team, Visceral osteopathy (unwindings/ stretchings of organs and viscerae) and osteopathy in the cranial field (balancings of cranial sutures, drainages, balancing of cranial/thoracic and pelvic diaphragms), Acupunture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The first aim in the initial consultation will be to understand why you are in pain/ discomfort or imbalance. Then trying to relieve this complaint so that you can start to feel a shift from a first treatment.
Depending on what you are presenting with, your practitionner will try to explain what is happening and what needs to be changed or treated.
The aim now is to be able to ‘fix’ the complaint as soon as possible, in the minimum possible treatments.
For the most common problems, the pain should be at least 90% gone in 1 to 5 treatments

After that, we need to understand what your maintenance needs are to not get in pain again (except if injury occurs obviously). On Average, people needs are only 3 or 4 treatments per year. Some people even less, while some chronic problems need more regular attention. Everybody is different!

Looking forward to helping you soon.

Remember to wear loose, comfy clothes. Ladies, please avoid sport bras, normal ones are better for us to undo when you are lying on your tummy on the treatment table, while we are working on your back. Shorts are good to wear if we have to work on your legs